Here are the list of FAQ’s ( Frequently Asked Questions) in our SQL Forum

1) Why do I need to submit my queries in SQL Forum?

We have a team of experts in different WhatsApp groups and other social media networks. As soon as you submit your query in our Forum, it will be shared on all platforms. The team of experts will engage in your question and provide you the right solution.

Sometimes it is not possible for someone to provide us the right solution immediately. It will be redirected to the forum with the team of experts to provide you the right solution after all discussions in the forum and other social media platforms.

There is another advantage here is whenever someone responded to your question you will get email alerts. In order to get full control in SQL form, you must be a registered user.

Benefits of being a registered user: you can attach the documents, vote for the questions, modify your own submitted questions and answers.

2) How can I access SQL Forum?

You can just type the URL in your browser https://www.sqlqueries.in

SQL Queries Forum

Clcik on Forum tab in the main menu you will be redirected to the forum page.


You can just type the URL https://www.sqlqueries.in/community in your browser then the Forum page will directly open up.

3) How can I register in SQL Form?

Just type the URL in your browser https://www.sqlqueries.in/register or use https://www.sqlqueries.in main page under that you can click on Forum tab.

There you can see Register option available for you.

SQL Forum Register

4) Can I submit all my queries in SQL Forum?

Yes. But you need to make sure all your questions are unique (not already answered in the Forum).

For that you can use search option as shown below.

SQL Queries Forum Search

Here is an example how you can search for a specific question (topic) in our Forum.

SQL Queries Forum Advanced Search

5) Where I can submit my post in SQL Forum?

There are 3 categories available for you in our Forum. You can choose the right category based on your query.

  1. SQL
  2. PL/SQL
  3. Oracle

6) How can I submit my query in SQL Forum?

You can just navigate to the SQL Forum main page and then choose the right category (example SQL, PL SQL or Oracle)

Post your query in SQL Forum

Select the subcategory under main category. Once done you will get the below form.

You need to fill these details. Make sure to subscribe to your post. As soon as someone answered your question you will email notification.

How to submit your query in SQL Forum

7. What will happen after I submit my query in SQL Forum?

As soon as you submit your query in SQL Forum it will go to the moderator once he approves your post it will be live. The entire process will take a few seconds or minutes.

8. I forgot my password. How I can Reset?

Click on login option under Forum Login Page and then choose the forgot password option to reset your password.

SQL Queries Forum Login and Password reset