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What is Oracle Cloud ? What are the advantages of Oracle Cloud?

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Can anyone give an overview of Oracle Cloud and what are the advantages of Oracle Cloud? 

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Introduction to Oracle Cloud

The Oracle Cloud differs from Amazon in that it is a complete integrated set of applications. Platform services and infrastructure engineer to run any oracle or non oracle worklets.

Completely re-engineering helps public cloud services up deployed and secured.

Oracle has created a cloud fabric system without any single point of failure. Improved SLA's and enterprise great infrastructure for vastly improved performance and secured tentative cloud provers.

  • Resilience
  • Performance
  • Security

Combined that with the lowest cost of deployment and it makes the oracle cloud a truly compelling choice of platform. It makes Oracle cloud unique lets you use exactly the same technologies and standards in the cloud as you use on-premise.

Meaning those environments can be seamlessly integrated and managed hybrid cloud platform. The result

Organizations from startups to global cooperation can simplify the use of IT reduce cost and become more agile in day-to-day operations.

The oracle cloud offers many benefits like Agility and Cost.

With oracle cloud companies of all dimensions and sizes can access the full stack of Oracle technology. Giving you the software and hardware services. That can be scaled up and down enabled or disabled easily that match up your operational demands.

You can use the Oracle cloud to eliminate common project bottlenecks that may come from infrastructure provisioning optimization and support.

A couple of these with reducing even removing licensing cost and compliance issues means your organization can get results faster. you simply more agile enable to deliver than you are in the premise.


What is the thing you should know?

The first term you should know oracle cloud is AZ means availability zone were data centers reside.

Physical location let's take it might be USA salt lake city it might be London it might be India or in India may be in Mumbai, it might be Singapore these are the exact physical location where your data center resides to give you an example.