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SQL Query The Hospital has found a Replacement, a Patient named Hetty.

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The hospital has found a replacement, a patient named Hetty. Change the appointment date of Hetty to that of Suzy's appointment date.


The following relational schema forms part of a hospital database. The primary keys are underlined and foreign keys are in italics.


Doctor (docID, docName, dateHired, monthlySalary, area, chargePerAppt, annualBonus)
Patient (patID, patName, dateOfBirth, nextAppDate, lastAppDate, docID)
Billing (patID, balance, due date, phone, address, city, street, postcode, insurance)


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Here is the query to achieve the expected results.

Update Patient
Set nextApptDate = decode(patName, 'Suzy',
(Select nextApptDate from patient where patName = 'Hetty'),
(Select nextApptDate from patient where patName = 'Suzy'))

Where patName in ('Suzy', 'Hetty');