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SQL Query Suzy is a patient of Dr. Rahim. She has cancelled her next Appointment

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Suzy is a patient of Dr. Rahim. She has canceled her next appointment with Dr. Rahim. Find other patients of Dr. Rahim ( do not include Suzy in the result and show all their details) whose next appointments are after Suzy's appointment so that the hospital may find a replacement.


The following relational schema forms part of a hospital database. The primary keys are underlined and foreign keys are in italics.


Doctor (docID, docName, dateHired, monthlySalary, area, chargePerAppt, annualBonus)
Patient (patID, patName, dateOfBirth, nextAppDate, lastAppDate, docID)
Billing (patID, balance, due date, phone, address, city, street, postcode, insurance)



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Here is the query to achieve this requirement. 

select p.*
From patient p, doctor d
Where d.docID = p.docID
And p.patName <> 'Suzy'
And d.docName = 'Dr. Rahim'
And p.nextApptDate > ( select nextApptDate from patient
Where patName = 'Suzy');