How to exclude Saturday and Sunday using SQL query

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SQL Date Formats List Updated(2020)

Here are the SQL Date Formats List. You can try yourself and look for the output. These SQL date formats list are useful in your interview point of view and also can be used in your professional SQL work environment depends on your requirements. Select TO_CHAR(date_column, ‘DD-MON-YYYY’) from emp21;Formats:d,dd,dddmm,mon,monthy,yy,yyy,yyyy,year select to_char(sysdate,’dd-mm-yyyy hh:mi:ss’) from dual; Select … Read more

Very Easy Method SQL Count Consecutive Rows Updated (2021)

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What is the Use of a truncate table in SQL? Updated 2021

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How to Write Simple Subqueries in SQL?

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What is the cluster in SQL? | Complete Guide 2021

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